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Free Wing template!

Prints full size on 8.5 x 11
by Kate Erbach

Click on this link to download the pdf document!

Free Victorian Ornament pattern
from 2 Dancing Crows!

Click on this link to download the pdf document!

New Bunny Head for Jacque Uetz's Protector of Chocolate Pattern...perfect for Easter!

Replace the head on this pattern!

Vintage Needle Case

Sunbonnet Sue Style Needle Case  

Make this vintage needle case that I found in an Antique Shop in California...isn't she sweet?

I made scans so you can trace the original if you would like to make one yourself!

Mannequin by Sherry Goshon

Here is an idea for finishing your blank mannequin!

This is one of the ways she can be finished amoung many other ways...
I made the flowers out of paperclay so they had to be glued in place...I could have used apoxie sculpt but I didn't...The base coat is a very pale pink...I painted the head piece, flowers, everything but the face...then I used the dark brown permanent pen to draw designs...look up art Nouveau designs if you need some guidance for the design...
I used water color pencils to color in the design...sprayed with a matt sealer...then put a coat of petal procelain over the piece except for the face...I then painted the flowers on the head piece purple and leaves green to match what I did on the body...I then dry brushed the body with a copper metallic lightly, used blue interferece on the entire doll...very lightly...and then dry brushed the head piece and doll with a gold metallic paint...that's it...this is not in the pattern but thought I would share...love

Free Butterfly Ornament Tutorial by Sherry Goshon

Just click on the link above to downlaod the tutorial!
Wings Tutorial by Jean Bernard

New Pattern By Kate Erbach

 Download Kate's Gigglebug Pattern here:

New Challenge By Sherry Goshon
"Who Am I?"

Challenge is over but you can download the free pattern.

Tuna Fish Can Project
by Sherry Goshon:

First clean out your empty can...Lemon Juice will help!
You will start the decorating by tearing pieces of tissue paper up...about the size of a quarter or a bit larger...you are going to decoupage the can...brush mod podge on to areas of can...place tissue on that and paint mod podge over the top...cover entire outside of can and over the top edge...let dry...Cut out a circle the size of a large saucer about 6" across from fabric...then cut one out of the felt or quilt batting...do a running stitch all the way around the circle...pull and stuff where it's sort of flatish...not to full...secure thread...then sew button in the center of the round stuffed yoyo...put glue in the inside of can...and push round stuffed yoyo into can...tucking as you go...button will be on the top middle...this will fluff out of can...you are making a tuffet for your doll to sit on or a pin cushion...then you can tie a ribbon around the edge of can...and glue 3 painted balls to the bottom of can in a triangle sort of pattern for the legs...awwwwwwww wasn't that fun and easy...love sherry

Free Bent Leg Pattern for Thumbelina
by Sherry Goshon
(This lets Thumbelina sit on your Tuna Tuffet!)

An Angel for the New Year  
(Closed now but you can still
download the free pattern)
Cloth Doll Challenge

Free Ducky pattern from Kate Erbach!!
(The little guy in the picture was made by Jackie Westfall)

Free Snow flake and Star patterns from Arlene Cano!!