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Featured Patterns on pages 1 and 2

By Arlene Cano

by Frowning Francis

by Arley Berryhill

By Cat & Fiddle Designs

 On this link:
 Abra Creations
 Acker-Missall, Marcia
 Armstrong, Elizabeth
 Aardvark to Zebra (LoisBoncer)
 Atkins, Karlene
 Aunt Manny's Creations
 Babcock, Colleen
 Backside of the Moon
 Back Porch Pickins
 Back Porch Primitives
 Barnard, Caroline
 Beez (Belcher), Annie
 Benedict, Leta
 Jean Bernard
 Berryhill, Arley
 Binkard, Jonny
 Blatchford, Margaret
 Bradford, Beverly
 Brady, Delys
 Briggs, Kathie
 Butcher, Lynne
 Cano, Arlene
 Cat and Fiddle Designs
 Cats Pyjamas
 Chin, Sue
 Chrisman, Kathleen
 Janet Clark
 Clemens, Ann
 Cogdell, Sonja
 Cold Fire Creations (Dorice    Larkin, Kareena Bouse)

By Lynn Butcher
On this link:
 Coleman, Gaye
 Cooper, Heather
 Cotton, Chris
 Coughlan, Jane
 Coulter, Brenda
 The Country Cupboard
 Country in the City
 Culea, Patti Medaris
 Cunagin, Karen
 Curtis, Toni
 Cyr, Gabe
 Day of the Dead
 Dinky Babies / Vicky Riley
 Dirty Crow Inn/2 Dancing Crows
 Dragon Charmer
 Dolly Duo
 Dusty Corner Designs
 Eilts, Jevne
 elinor peace bailey
 Erbach, Kate
 Evdokimoff, Diane
 Edwards, Tracy (Tinker's Cart)
 Forest Hollow Studio
 Fortuna, Lori
 Fran's Dolls (Fran Parrigan
 Frowning Francis
 M. J. Francis
 Francisco, Mary
 Garber, Valerie
 Gathering Stitchers

 By Jane Coughlin

Featured Patterns on Pages 3 and 4
By Jill Maas

by Leslie Molen

by  Deanna Hogan

By Billie Heisler
Pattern Artist List #3   On this link:
 Garrod, Rene' (Garrod
 Goshon, Sherry
 Goshon, Jeff (mold making)
 Graff, Barbara
 Grose, Pam
 Gross, Tammy
 Halcomb, Marilyn
 Harenz, Patricia
 Harris, Brenda
 Harrold, Michelle
 Hays, Kathy
 Heart to Hand
 Happy Heart Patterns
 Heisler, Billie
 Hertzi, Li
 Hesse, Anne
 Hogan, Deanna
 Holloway, Becky / Rebekah
 Hull, Mary Ann (By Hull By
 Jensen, Marilyn
 Johnson, Paula
 Jones, Sarah
 Keelings Klever Kreations
 Kringle Creek
 Lampi, Sally

                 By Julie McCullough
On this link:

 LaValley, Patti
 Laverick, Nancy
 Lecuyer, Jacquie
 Leyland, Margaret
 Lutz, Shari
  Maas, Jill
 Maggie's Baggies
 Mahlstadt, Cyndi
 Malyon, Teresa
 Marano, Allison
  McCullough, Julie
 McDonald, Priscilla
 McGinnity, Rhonda
 Miller, Sandy
 Misa, Linda
 Sharon Mitchell
 Molen, Leslie
 Mother Earth and Me
 Cindee Moyer
 Munzone, Michelle
 My Primitive Sistas

                  By Becky Holloway
Featured Patterns
on pages 5 and 6

by Sweet Meadows Farm

by  Softin the Head

by Lisa Pay

By Betts Vidal

On this link:

  Malloy, Pania
 Pasthyme Treasures
 Patterns by Elaine
 Pay, Lisa
 Phatphaeries, Inc.
 Pilipauskas, Kathy
 Pine, Sandy
 Plain Jane Dolls
 Prest, Ruth
 Prior, Judith
 Pruitt, Claire
 Raggedy Days
 Raggedy Pants
 Raggedy Rhondas
 Raggedy Stitches
 Ragwood Designs
 Red Hen Designs
 Reames, Michelle
 Reet's Rags to Stitches
 Reid, Chanelle
 Robertson, Virginia
 Robinz, Tricia
 Rose Patchwork Cottage
 Rugolo, Suzette
 Rynda, Lisa
 Samantha's Angels
 Saunders, Carol
 Seymour, Kerry
 Shaw, Shirley
 Shifton, Karen
 Shively, Christine
 Sieving, Cynthia (Cyndi)
 Sizemore, Sue

On this link:

 Skeel, Judy
 Small Patterson, Melinda
 Smith, Kelly Lynn
 Sneezes Patterns
 Sparkles n Spirit
 Soft in the Head
 Stanley, Patti-Ann
 Sweet Meadows Farm  -
      (Maureen Mills)
 Sweet Whispers & Whims
 Sutherland, Edwina
 Taylor, Laurie
 Thomas, Mary
 Thorne, Carol
 Titheradge, Lorraine
 Trefrey, Robyn
 Treleaven, Christine
 Tressler, Mary
 Twohig, Kate
 Uetz, Jacque / Jacquelyn
 Vallencourt, Dev
 Vasina, Ute
 Vidal, Betts
 Walker, Sandra
 Webstitch of New Zealand
 Willis, Barbara

                  By Sparles N Spirit
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